STVY HVZVRDOUS: Origin.wav Compilation

About the Compilation

Welcome to STVY HVZVRDOUS: Origin.Wav, our first-ever curated compilation of electronic bass music. We're calling for artists nationwide who are passionate about their craft, and want to share their creativity and dedication with the world. Each track will be carefully selected to create a collection that encapsulates the essence and breadth of the bass music scene.

Submission Guidelines

We're accepting submissions until August 18th. Each submission should meet the following criteria:

  • The song must be an original piece in the electronic bass music genre.
  • All samples used should be cleared for use.
  • Submissions should be in 16-bit WAV format, and be at least 2:30 minutes in length.
  • The song must not have been created over a year and a half ago.
  • Artists must have their social media profiles up-to-date and be actively pursuing their musical journey.
Our review process is focused on the quality and production of the song. We're looking for tracks that stand out, regardless of whether they align with our personal tastes.

Artist Benefits

Artists selected for the STVY HVZVRDOUS: Origin.Wav compilation will receive a range of benefits:

  • Exposure: As part of this curated collection, your work will reach a wider audience, boosting your recognition within the bass music scene.
  • Promotion: We'll enhance your music's presentation with professionally created promo reels and moving art for each track.
  • Revenue Sharing: After recouping the costs of artwork, promotion, and other related expenses, profits from the compilation will be shared 50/50 with artists.
Our goal is to support and spotlight the talents of our contributing artists, helping you to reach new heights in your musical career.


For fans and artists alike, we've created exclusive STVY HVZVRDOUS: Origin.Wav merchandise. Commemorate this momentous event with a t-shirt featuring the album art and the roster of contributing artists.

Contact / FAQ

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. We're here to assist you and make this experience as smooth and rewarding as possible.